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Downtown Intimates is an adult entertainment store in Rochester, Minnesota. We have developed a reputation over the years as being the best one stop shop in Rochester for adult toys, lingerie, smoke novelties, and much more. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and inviting environment for everyone who enters to be themselves.

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From the Source

Best delta 8 and cbd products in southeastern MN! Pete gives the best customer service and advice for anything you need!

Kasey Klemp

I would recommend this store to anyone looking for a good selection of toys or glass pipes. They have a huge selection! Once again, Megan is awesome! Thanks for such a great experience!

Love Bug

VERY welcoming staff, almost feels like personal friends. Very knowledgeable about toys and lubes. Very patient. A little disappointed they didn't have any inhibitor rings, but they're hard to find anywhere so no fault of theirs. Also wish they had their movies sorted but that would almost be an impossibly time consuming task. I'd do it myself, cuz OCD, but I'd probably get kicked out lol. But y'all are cool.

Peter Bliss

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